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December 28, 2018

JANESVILLE - If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your pets. That's one motto the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin has adopted to remind residents to think about their pets in the winter weather.

Stormy Farr, animal care and adoptions manager, said in terms of feral cats she recommends creating a cat den using a plastic tote, some styrofoam pieces and blankets. Farr said the shelter is looking to work with local Boy Scout troops to create multiple dens. She also asks residents with feral cats in the neighborhood to consider opening up part of their fencing or keeping their garage door slightly cracked so the felines can escape the cold.

Farr said the humane society never recommends having outdoor dogs. Cats may be better acclimated to survive in cold weather, because Farr said they're better resource finders and are smaller, enabling them to seek shelter in bushes or under decks.

For those who do have outdoor dogs, Farr said to make sure to have an insulated dog house with straw to keep them warm. Making sure their shelter isn't wet also should be a priority.

"Even the slightest bit of dampness can cause a chill in their bones," Farr said.

However, Farr said bringing canines inside really is the best option.

For those who walk their dogs during the winter, she asks owners to consider getting booties for their animals.

"The salt that people put on sidewalks to melt snow can get into pads and be painful," Farr said. "The snow also is just as cold for their feet as it is for our feet."

For any animals who are outside, she also recommends getting them sweaters to keep them insulated. Smaller dogs especially should get sweaters.

"They have that really thin coat, are smaller and they don't have as much fat," Farr said.

At the Humane Society, Farr said the shelter had a large rush two weeks ago, with everyone coming in to see if they could find a Christmas pet. She said the week before Christmas was slow.

She said the shelter is stable when it comes to capacity, with lower intake levels currently. She said the shelter will soon open up for cat surrenders. For more information, visit

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