Why Transports

Why Does HSSW Take in Dogs from Southern Shelters?

It’s important to know that a large number of animal welfare organizations in WI have been doing transports for years, including Dane County. The transports that HSSW does are just a small part of a much larger nationwide effort to help all shelters euthanize less and move towards a no-kill status.

Over the past few years, statistics have shown that fewer local animals are needing new homes. With the addition of private foster-based rescue groups, microchipping and social media sites like ‘Lost Dogs of Wisconsin’, fewer animals are needing a home and the amount of time animals spend at shelters has decreased. As a result, this decrease has created room at HSSW to help more animals. Like other WI animal welfare groups, we’ve formed partnerships with shelters in the South that are continuously overcrowded and euthanizing healthy dogs for space. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership where we help alleviate overcrowding and in return, we’re able to provide our community with more pets looking for homes.

Moving animals from overcrowded shelters to those that can’t keep up with the adoption needs of their community is the key to saving lives. Transferring animals around the nation is integral to the animal adoption ‘ecosystem’. There will never be enough homes for all the animals born each year, but together we can save more lives and help those shelters that are struggling to one day also get to a no-kill status. HSSW is proud to be able to help more dogs go home.