Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin

Direct from the Exec

April 27, 2020 

Hello from the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin: 

What a time we have had since the coronavirus pandemic hit. At the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, we realized that there was an issue in early March. By the 10th of March we had reduced our hours and were only taking appointments for adoptions, surrenders and strays. On March 12th, we instituted strong sanitation protocols that are still in place. We completely clean and sanitize the entire shelter 4 times a day, and employees are required to wash their hand at a minimum of hourly. Face masks and gloves are required and we are asking the public to respect the 6 foot distancing orders from the Governor. Currently, all volunteer hours have been suspended. 

We have a limited supply of dog and cat food available for those who find themselves unable to purchase it at this time. Please call the shelter at 608-752-5622 to schedule an appointment for pick up. 

We are continuing to work only by appointments and have split staff to reduce time in the shelter for any one individual. We have had a few staff members out ill, but not with the coronavirus and have been able to continue serving the Rock County community during this trying time. I would like to recognize all of our staff members who have willingly pitched in and cleaned our shelter extensively.

We have had to postpone all public spay and neuter surgeries and dog transports during the last 2 months. Obviously this has had a major effect on our revenues. We have also had a tremendous response from our Foster parents who have taken in a large number of kittens and puppies that will be available for adoption in the near future. I am currently meeting with staff and we are beginning to plan what we will look like in the next few weeks and how we will be doing business as time goes on. We hope to begin our transports from the South in the next few weeks, but that is dependent on how the pandemic plays out. We also plan to restart our spay and neuter program at the same time.

We are currently looking for some space in Rock County where we can set up an additional surgical suite. If you have such a space and might be willing to donate it to the Humane Society for a few months it would be greatly appreciated. 

This time has been quite stressful for all of us as well as for the animals of Rock County, but we are dealing with it and will hopefully return to normal soon. Once again, my thanks to all of you who have been able to donate funds to us, during this trying time, all of our Foster parents who have stepped up in our time of need and Special thanks to the entire staff of The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, you all are indeed our most valuable asset. We hope to be able to open pour doors carefully very soon and welcome the public and our volunteers. 

Thank you for your support, and feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. Stay Safe, 

Mike McManus
Executive Director
Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin

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