80/20 Nutrition

80/20 Nutrition – Milton

Each month, 80/20 Nutrition in Milton pays the adoption fee for a senior cat! This month’s Cat of the Month is Lipton!

Did you know Lipton tea is a good resource to promote heart health? Here at HSSW , we may have a different kind of Lipton, but she has the same purpose! Lipton is a queen that is currently searching for her perfect castle, with plenty of servants to wait on her hand and foot. Lipton is a firm believer that she was born into royalty, and will not settle for less! Lipton spends most of her days sunbathing and day dreaming about her new home, and more importantly the love her new family will provide her with! Does Lipton sound like a good fit for your home? If so, visit the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin to meet with her today!