Fearless Fosters
For the furry and the furless.

Did you know that The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin has more than just cats and dogs coming through our doors? Last year alone, almost 20 little critters were in search of their forever homes; from rabbits to ferrets, turtles to snakes!

We are looking for fearless heroes to house some of our more unique friends until they are ready to go home again. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to have a reptile, but weren’t ready for the years and years of commitment, or if you’ve always wanted a bunny but don’t want to be sentenced to seven years of cage cleaning…this could be just the opportunity for you! 

Why do these animals need foster?
When a domesticated small animal visits our shelter, it is usually under less than desirable conditions. These critters require more setup than the typical cat or dog, special food, heat lamps, certain types of housing, etc. Often times, reptiles and other small animals are emaciated and dehydrated upon intake and in need of extra TLC before they are ready for adoption. That’s where you come in.
Does fostering cost money?
Simple answer, no. You put in the hours, we pay the cost. All vet care and foster supplies including food, housing, heat lamps, etc. are provided at no cost to you by the shelter.
How do I become a ‘Fearless Foster’?

To become a ‘Fearless Foster’, please fill out a foster application and specify your interest in our Fearless Foster program in the allotted space. Each potential foster will need to attend a training before taking an animal home. Apply online to foster today!