The Asher & Sam Project
The Asher & Sam Project

The Asher & Sam Project is dedicated to providing medical care to animals with special medical needs and promoting senior pet adoption. This project began because of a special bond between a young boy and his beloved senior cat, Sam. Read more about Asher & Sam’s story below. To support this project, donate below.

Asher & Sam’s Story

Asher and Sam’s story is one of love, loss, and the bond of a boy and his cat.

The Stray Cat
It started on a cold January evening as Asher and his mom were headed home from his grandparent’s house. Through the window, Asher saw something in the distance. His mom stopped the car to look around. Into the car, hopped a handsome white and brown tabby striped cat with a loving face and wise eyes. The cat headed right to Asher’s lap and made himself comfortable. Looking back, this was the moment that the cat chose his human – but there’s more to the story.

Who is Sam?

Asher and his family took the cat to The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin where his owners were found. The cat’s name was Sam and he was 17-years-old. He was reunited with his family and taken home. Asher’s family was happy for Sam and they were ready to look back on their meeting as a fond memory.

So we meet again…

Months later, as Asher was playing outside, he sees that same handsome white and brown striped tabby cat. Sam was back! Asher knew Sam already had a family and that The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin could reunite them once again. Sam was taken to the shelter for the second time and his owners were called. This time was different. Sam’s owners were no longer able to care for him and surrendered him to the shelter to find a new family.
Adding to the Family
After hearing this news, Asher’s family was sure this was a sign to provide Sam with his forever home. In August of 2020, Sam was adopted and spent many months happy as can be with his best friend, Asher.
Saying Goodbye
Despite love and good food Sam wasn’t gaining weight. After taking Sam to the vet, his family was given the devastating news that he had cancer. A steroid chemotherapy was started in hopes of reducing the tumors and making him comfortable. Sam was given only weeks to a few months to live. Sam left this world on Christmas Day for a place where he would be free of cancer. Sam and Asher’s family are thankful they were able to make his last memories happy and full of love. While his body is gone he lives on in the heart of his family. The Humane Society sees many cats and dogs like Sam. The Asher & Sam Project is dedicated to providing ongoing medical care for these animals as they near the end of their life here on earth.
To hear about Sam in Asher’s words, watch the video below.