How to Describe Your Cat
How to Describe Your Cat
It can be hard to accurately describe the color of your cat. Knowing how to best describe your cat’s appearance will significantly increase your chances of being reunited with them.

There are many ways to describe cat coloration. The terminology used below is how HSSW can help better identify your pet. Even with a photo, we cannot guarantee that we can make a match. We strongly advise that you come to the Main Shelter once every 3-4 days to look for your lost pet in person.

Orange Tabby

Orange Tabby with White

Brown Tabby
Brown Tabby with White
Grey Tabby
Buff Tabby
Dilute Calico

Calico, but more muted colors

Similar to a calico, but with tabby striping throughout the coat
Dilute Tortoiseshell
Similar to a tortoiseshell, but more muted colors. No white

The kitten featured above is a grey and buff dilute tortoiseshell.

Solid Color
2 colors, but no stripes