Board Application


Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin’s Board of Directors! Please read through our Board Member Expectations and Rules before completing the Application below.


Board Member Expectations

  • Support the HSSW Mission and Vision
  • Attend regularly scheduled Board meetings
  • Serve on committees or work on special projects for HSSW
  • Participate in fulfilling the Board’s fiduciary responsibility: review financial statements, evaluate long term financial strategies, assist with future funding and capital funding activities
  • Respect and support majority decisions of the Board
  • Share your skills and expertise
  • Work as part of a cohesive team with common goals
  • Participate actively in Board meetings, actions, fundraisers, and public events
  • Remain aware of the special events scheduled for HSSW and make yourself available to support and participate in these events
  • Participate in effective organizational and strategic planning
  • Assist with the recruitment of new Board members


Board Member Rules

  • Board members shall direct all requests for information through the Executive Director or Board President and not through staff of HSSW.
  •  Board members shall declare any conflicts of interest as it pertains to their position on the Board and abstain from voting when appropriate.
  • Board members shall not use the organization for personal advantage of that of friends or relatives.
  • Board members shall not discuss confidential proceedings of the Board outside the confines of a Board meeting.


Board Member Application

Expertise, Employment, and Experience

Please check all areas that apply to you and your expertise.
Please list any other areas of expertise not listed above.
Please list any boards and/or committees that you serve or have served on including which organization, your role, and your dates of service.

Additional Questions

Please list your special interests and hobbies.


Please supply two references. At least one reference should be someone with whom you have worked in an employment capacity with or as part of a group.


Please allow my name to stand for nomination to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin's Board of Directors. I am willing to commit my time, energy, and passion to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.

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