Unicorn Fosters
What is a ‘Unicorn Foster?’
The term unicorn adopter is often used in the animal welfare community to describe a forever home that includes no other dogs, cats, or small children. These types of homes are few and far in between, almost mythical- but they are in high demand. Here at The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, we are expanding this term to our foster base and coining the term unicorn foster to describe potential foster homes with no other dogs, cats, or small children.
Why are Unicorn Fosters needed?

Pets most in need of these special foster homes are dogs that have not done well with other dogs and/or cats. Often times these are high exuberance dogs that wouldn’t thrive in environments with small children. These pets tend to stay at the shelter longer and are prone to a mental illness, known as “kennel crazy” or “kennelitis.” Symptoms of this illness can include spinning and jumping in the kennel, chewing incessantly, and other more depression-like symptoms such as self-mutilation, lack of appetite and lethargy. The effects of this illness can render dogs unadoptable. Preemptively placing dogs most prone to kennelitis in foster care can stop the onset of this illness altogether. 

Does fostering cost money?
Simple answer, no. You put in the hours, we pay the cost. All vet care and foster supplies including food, housing, heat lamps, etc. are provided at no cost to you by the shelter.
How do I become a ‘Unicorn Foster’?

To become a ‘Unicorn Foster’, please fill out a foster application and specify your interest in our Unicorn Foster program in the allotted space. Each potential foster will need to attend a training before taking an animal home. Apply online to foster today!